Delivery and Shipping
The delivery methods available, with indicative timescales, are shown in the “Shipping methods” of the order form. The times are a starting point as they are an average of the average delivery times made so far. In exceptional cases (eg. Remote areas), in the case of deliveries in places difficult to reach by traditional means of transport or unless unavailable by the Customer, the waiting time may be longer. In case of special needs we are advised to contact Customer Service before completing your order.

After the Order Confirmation, Greenit deliver the products at the address specified in the Order using a courier.

If, within a single order, one or more products ordered are not available, Greenit proceed as follows:

Products that are available will be delivered;
Products that are not available will not be delivered and Greenit will refund the amount paid in respect of those products. In this case, Greenit will contact the customer to communicate the event and agree on the modalities of reimbursement.
The right of ownership of the Products and risk of loss of the same will be transferred to the customer upon delivery to the latter.

If upon delivery of one or more products are visibly damaged (eg significant dents in the package or rupture of the package that may have damaged the product) or other than those actually ordered, for an error in delivery, the customer must contact us within seventy-two (72) hours. Greenit communicate the instructions for replacing the product.

Delivery timetable

The average time for receiving ordered products is approx. 3-6 (national or internationl) working days from the date of order confirmation. Should Wooliweiss di Greenit be unable to deliver ordered goods due to technical-productive non-availability, Greenit will promptly notify Customer by e-mail. Therefore, Customer shall choose to change the object or to cancel the order within a week after the communication. Any amount already paid by Customer will be refunded as soon as possible, and in any case not later than thirty days after receipt of the purchase order. Time required for deliveries abroad vary, depending on country of destination. Greenit shall not be held liable for delivery delay or failure caused by force majeure or act of God. For custom-made or special format deliveries, Greenit will send Customer a specific communication setting out the cost of possible shipment solutions, to enable Customer to make the most suitable choice (express courier, insured parcel post, etc.). This document shall not be deemed the definitive order acceptance on the part of Greenit.


Greenit products are delivered by (national or international) overnight courier service to the delivery address indicated by Customer. Delivery of the goods requires Customer or other designated person’s presence at the address indicated in the order. Liability for lost and/or damaged products will lie with Customer from the moment the product is handed to the overnight courier (or carrier) for shipment. Greenit shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage occurring after this moment. In any case the goods will be covered by insurance. Greenit declines any responsibility in case of loss, theft, partial or total destruction of uninsured or inadequately insured goods. Upon delivery of the goods by the carrier, Customer must check: that the number of parcels delivered corresponds to that indicated on the transport document (DDT); that packaging, including sealing material, is intact, undamaged, dry, and has not been tampered with in any way. Any anomalies detected must be reported immediately, and the wording “subject to inspection” must be entered in writing in the Goods Received Note handed over by the courier. Once the courier’s document is signed, Customer will no longer be entitled to raise any objections regarding external characteristics of delivered goods. Customer must keep this receipt and contact our Customer Service in case of need. Any complaints must be submitted to Customer Service