A repeated swing, round after round. Gestures that we often repeat become an automatism.


Le abitudini ci logorano!

When we get used to a gesture, we allow repetition to mitigate the discomfort and uneasyness of what we do. We just need a little change to break this loop, but it has to be well thought and positioned. A golfer knows well these repetitive gestures, on and off the golf course. We thought there was a missing element between practicality and beauty.
We had been looking for head-covers that could transform an automatic gesture into the possibility of handling an original material and form that would express our idea of elegance and craftsmanship. Since then, a destiny encounter with a stylist had generated, four days later, the first prototype.

Your style on the golf course is your signature. Whether you are a beginner or a scratch player, stand out with accessories that make you feel the best of yourself.

In campo

Golf clubs are the best friend or the worst enemy of a player. To define this relationship as "love & hate" is not sufficient. Only a golfer knows the deep origin of this bond.

Fuori dal campo

Golf and style, on and off the golf course. To be always yourself, after a game, under the shower, or traveling back with your friends. GREENiT's style, always.

Per svagarsi

There are situations in which we can express ourselves with simple gestures, taking care of the details that make the difference.